Things to Consider Before You Start Your Home-Based B&B

Starting your own Bed and Breakfast at your home is a great opportunity to bring in some extra money. It is easier than you may think, but it can also be a costly process to get started. If you have extra space or rooms in your house or adjacent to your house, it is ideal to start a B&B. Before you start breaking and re-building, there are a few things you need to know.

Do your research. Find as much information as you can about regulations and laws about having a B&B on your property. Also, research what you have to include in such an establishment and what your guests will need.

You need permits. Once you have done the research, you should know what types of permits and registrations you will need to operate a B&B from your home. Find out what steps you need to take to put things in motion.

Do some restorations. If your guests will be living in rooms away from the main house, you might need to do some construction work, or preferably hire someone to do it. Make sure that the plumbing and heating and things like that are working and in a good condition. If guests will be using rooms in your house, you may need to spruce up the inside and get rid of old furniture that no longer looks good.

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Offer all the necessary amenities. If the guest area is away from the main house, try to include a bathroom and small kitchen area for the guests. If they are sharing the main house with you, try and have an open bathroom available and have the basics for making tea and coffee in the room. Televisions are also a good idea.

You might need to hire extra help. Depending on the size of the guest house and how many people you can accommodate, you may need some extra help. Help with cooking, cleaning, and laundry may come in handy.

Once everything is ready, you should advertise locally, on websites, and social media to get the word out. Make sure you hire a good contractor to help with renovations or construction.