Important Features and Amenities that Any Bed and Breakfast Must Have

A Bed and Breakfast is a great alternative to a hotel. B&Bs always have more personality and warmth. My stays at B&Bs are by far the best ones compared to hotels. The food is great, the people are friendly, and each B&B has a different story, feel, and uniqueness. If you are thinking of starting a B&B, I think you are wise. However, there are certain things that modern-day B&Bs must have to attract guests.


A bedroom and a bed. This is kind of obvious, but you need to consider what size the room and the bed will be. It is a bad idea to have a small room that can only fit a bed. The room and bed need to be proportionate.




A bathroom. As far as possible, your guests need to have a bathroom that is only for them. A shower, basin, and toilet are all that is needed. If you can afford to add a bath, then do so. You need to ensure that they will have working plumbing and hot water.




An area to sit and relax. If your space allows it, add a comfortable chair or couch that can be a spot to read or relax. If space doesn’t allow for it, it’s not the end of the world. However, try to at least have one or two chairs available for seating.




Television and Wi-Fi. We live in an era where electronics rule the world. If you can offer your guests Wi-Fi, you will add some more pull to your establishment. A television with at least local channels is good. If you can offer cable channels, that will be better. Many people may not even really watch television, but it is good to have.



Secure parking. If your guests are traveling by car, you need to have secure parking for their vehicles. The safety of your guests and the security of their belongings should be your top priority.

When you hire a contractor to build or remodel your B&B, make sure that all of these things are included and that you can offer your guests all the necessary amenities and luxuries. The contractors need to keep in mind wiring for televisions and Wi-Fi connections, electrical outlets, etc.